Hype for once justified

There are movies that excite you. But I don’t remember ever going to a movie because I was so excited to see a character particularly if a movie has a Christopher Nolan attached to it. Agreed, I fell for the hype and media frenzy about Heath Ledger. But this time I feel totally justified for falling to the hype. Joker was magnificent. His voice and sound for the character is like, I don’t know, brilliant, great, what not.

Then there is Nolan, making a sequel look better than its predecessor and making a movie that almost if not totally justified the media coverage and hype that it got prior to its release. He created totally a separate sub genre for super hero movies which I think no one else will get into. He is magnificent. There is also a certain thing to joker’s make up that has a chaos attached to it. As the move goes by the make up gets more and more disorderly reflecting his increasing lunacy and disorderly in Gotham city. (I saw make up kind of restored during the climax). A hell of a movie.



Humans have always been better at expressing ideas. Better than say, most contemporary animals. And some humans have toiled to express them so good that they turn out to be artists. Today sitting in the theater, I could sense three. Not sense. More like they pounded it together, put it on a spoon, heated it on a candle, dipped a cotton swab on it and filled up a syringe full of it and shot it to me intravenously. What a cinematic high! From Nolan, Ledger and the combined geniuses of Howard and Zimmer, The Dark Knight.