Cashback is one of those movies which I know isn’t fantastic by itself, and yet I love. In fact, it would find a place in my top movies list, if there’s ever one.

Cashback is about art and love, and everything in between. It’s protagonist, Ben Willis, a painter, is fresh from a breakup and is devastated. He finds himself taking solace in frozen moments, drawn further into the world of still-life, which he knows and loves. Cashback’s visuals are full of these moments, where people just stand frozen, as Ben takes a closer look, walks through them, and makes us see what he sees. His perspective is clearer to us each time as he narrates stories of his childhood, little anecdotes of past events that define him.

I don’t really expect everyone to enjoy Cashback as much as I did. I loved it for how I could identify with Ben’s appreciation for the splendor of life in its frames, more than as a fluid sequence. I’ve been there, when I’ve looked through the lens of my camera, zooming in on a smile, and freezing it for eternity. I too think that there is no lovelier subject than a beautiful woman, just like Ben does. If you think all of this sounds like a load of crap, stay away from this movie. If you like art, enjoy british humor, and are a romantic, don’t miss it.