Last Days, irks!

A guy walks through the forest, swims from one bank to another, lights a fire, mumbles, then goes to his home, wanders around, changes to some women’s dress, takes a shot gun and again wanders around. This is the first 20 minutes of the film. No dialogues, no background score, nothing. After that some meaningless dialogues, I mean absolutely meaningless. After 40 minutes, I pressed stop on my DVD player remote, pulled out the CD, put it back in netflix cover and sealed it.


If this is how  Kurt Cobain’s last days were, no wonder he killed himself. I guess Gus Van Sant wanted to show exactly how boring and lonely Kurt Cobain’s last days were but you just cannot watch it as movie. No. No.


Confidence, not much!

Some time through the movie, I realized I have watched the same movie by paying 150 Rs at PVR as Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena. Then a slight exclamation, “WTF!”.  The Hindi version had Fardeen Khan, Koena mitra, Feroz khan…well after listing the ensemble, no more detail needs to be provided as how bad it can suck. Well it had Kay Kay Menon as well, but no one can do anything when the crap hits the fan.

Yeah, the original sucked as bad as it’s desi replica.

God help us all

Some new footages.




RockNRolla Opening Credits



I am totally confused. Sometimes I absolutely did not understand what they were saying. Wikipedia did not help. I was able to understand Pi but this definitely needs a second look. Looks neat for a 7000$ movie. Will watch it again.

Other alterfucks, boost my ego.


Naanga azhudhutom, neengalum azhudhuteengala?