Unnale Unnale

Well, see 10 hindi movies and combine all these into a single meaningless one and that’s called Unnale Unnale. A random guy saying day 1, day 2 is of course a blatant rip-off from Kal Ho Na Ho. I am not upset that it is a rip off, but what saddens me is that it is a rip off from a Karan Johar movie. That sickens me. Well at least in Kal Ho Na Ho…as each day passes you see something happening. But in this nothing happens. The hero has his hand cut, Sadha keeps whining and Tanisha does nothing, five days over and suddenly the film ends with Tanisha and the hero having a baby. But what beats me is that the company sends him to work in Australia for 6 months and they have a baby within that time. This is Kollyfornication! Although this movie doesnt go too much of Dhanapalish way, it being a meaningless hodge-podge of hindi movies sucks. Well lets say movie is para pee! Also the fact of watching Four Rooms before it and Whats Eating Gilbert Grape right after did not help the cause!


Are you watching closely?

Memento scrap 

While we aren’t watching ‘Memento’ for the 42nd time you would find us here. While we aren’t putting together the non-existent script in ‘POC: At World’s End’ you would find us here. While we aren’t saying lines from ‘Apocalypto’, (yes Apocalypto) you would find us here.

And while we are here, we are going to talk about what happened during the previous 3 sentences. Savvy?