Crank: High Voltage

Sleaze. Gore. Blood. Absurdity. (Absurdity in its very meaning).

Fun and entertaining watch.


Max Payne, Piss off!

I liked the games, Max Payne 1 and 2, in fact I loved those games. When I was about to watch the movie, I was expecting a decent action flick, nothing great. Well it turned out to be an absolute shit, a ridiculously bad movie. Max Payne was an insane character who sees crazy dream sequences and fighting for his own survival as well as for revenge. But the Max Payne in the movie is a moron. Apart from his constipated look and the coarse voice he is an absolute moron. It is just not Mark Wahlberg alone but the entire cast sucked, they sucked! Mila Kunis as Mona Sax, fuck, she was nowhere, anywhere close to pulling off Mona Sax. A movie with a predominant black texture, stiff looks and coarse voice cannot give a noir feeling. Even the brief snippets that come in the game had very good dialogues, the movie’s were amateurish.

I really do not know why lots of people whether they make a movie from a game or adapt a novel put so much effort in changing things till it really becomes bad.  Apart from a couple of bullet times and the wife and baby getting killed nothing could be found in common. That is where Zack Snyder needs to be appreciated for Watchmen. It was not a great movie but nothing was added into it in trying to make it great.  Zack Snyder sticked to major portion of the book. I guess it was more of a fan’s movie rather than a director’s movie. But sill it was good enough. Max Payne on the other hand, fuck I need to play couple of levels again.