Gone baby Gone!

Loved the ending!

Saw a possible alternate ending in DVD wherein Casey Affleck gives a voice over saying he has done the wrong thing but I feel the way it is in the movie is great with a touch of ambiguity in it. The way the mother’s character was portrayed was brilliant.

Liked the movie as well!



Lets just say all the attention and praise is well deserved. Its heartening to see such originality in the tale and in the telling in our own backyard.



Looks like Sorderbergh borrowed the that-guy-has-my-girl angle from it. The heist is superbly detailed set to the music of deafening silence. Lots of things to like and remember in this one. Good stuff.


Because I liked Erik Skjoldbj√¶rg’s Insomnia better than Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia. Much better. Loved the original. Pondering this for some time, with Al Pacino on screen there are certain things I want him to do and some I don’t want him to. I dont think he’s capable of doubting himself like he does in this one. That assured exterior cannot be anything else inside. Some counter-casting like that happened with Robin Williams and Hillary Swank too. These are all very definite genre actors. I’m tempted to say the newer Insomnia is simply miscast but then what do I know! Just go watch them both.