It’s been called unnecessarily gory, excessively strange and even downright mad by some. I’m thinking freakin’ brilliant.


2 Days in Paris

“When a women takes that many jobs, we slap her down for vanity. When a man does, we call him the new Orson Welles.”

– Roger Ebert on the movie.

Couldn’t say it any better.

Also, sighted a rangefinder in the movie. Sweet.

Shoot ‘Em Up

Shoot ‘Em Up                                                                     $8.00
The perfect potboiler, Owen baked with smoky Belluci, served hot.

The Indian film goer is definitely familiar with the term ‘masala movie’, which essentially means, like the exciting mixture of spices that a masala is, the movie too is a mix of popular elements – outlandish action, glamor and punchy dialogue, with a totally acceptable suspension of disbelief.

Say hello to Shoot ‘Em Up, masala movie par excellence, a feather in this genre’s cap. Where Paul Giamatti shines like never before, and Clive Owen does his familiar class act to satisfaction. This Tarantinoesque action-comedy has everything the average Mr. Smith loves: lots of shooting, innovative ways to kill, Monica Belluci the call-girl running around in her work-wear, and tons of witty lines straight out of a Frank Miller graphic novel.

Outrageously enjoyable.

Trailer – ‘Awake’

Hmm.. interesting. And I think Jessica Alba is hot.